What is the disruptive technology framework?

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Leonard Sherman (Author & Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School)

Leonard Sherman talks about the dilemma that he believes many companies get caught up in of trying to keep up with their competitors with the result that it becomes an unwinnable race. He discusses the detrimental effect to businesses of imitating competitor’s products including that the end result is often products that look the same and are so overloaded with functionality that they are more than consumers want or can afford to purchase. Sherman explains the theory of disruptive technology and offers his theory that companies can be successful by offering simpler and good enough solutions at competitive prices. He provides several examples of companies that have done this successfully.


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Leonard Sherman

Author & Adjunct Professor, Columbia Business School

Leonard Sherman is the author of "If You’re in a Dogfight, Become a Cat! Strategies for Long-Term Growth". He is an executive in residence and adjunct professor of marketing and management at the Columbia Business School. Len has worked as a senior partner at Accenture, as a managing partner of J.D. Power and Associates, and as a partner at Booz, Allen & Hamilton. He holds a BS in aeronautical engineering, an MS in transportation systems and a PhD in transportation economics, all from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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