About Us

Sarder TV is a Business Media Platform & an interview version of TED

Headquartered in New York publishing exclusive high quality video content from Fortune 1000 Corporate Leaders, Best Selling Authors & Ivy League Professors. With a purpose to “Promote Learning”, the platform is based on the core values of Continuous Learning, Innovation & Performance. Started by Russell Sarder (Author, Entrepreneur & CEO of Learning) in the fall of 2012, the platform has grown tremendously since then, with interviews from more than 170 thought leaders and a dedicated team of experienced & well-known journalists. The top leaders who have featured on Sarder TV include Henry Paulson (Former US Secretary of the Treasury & CEO of Goldman Sachs), Ira Neimark (Former CEO of Bergdorf Goodman), Atefeh Riazi (CIO of United Nations), Karen Kocher (CLO of Cigna), Vijay Govindarajan (Best-Selling Author and Professor at Dartmouth), Peter Senge (Author & Professor at MIT) and others.

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