What makes legal advertising & branding different?

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Burkey Belser (Author, President & Creative Director at Greenfield/Belser, a Finn Partners Company)

Burkey Belser talks about how marketing and branding an intangible service differs from branding a tangible product. He discusses why intangibles are more difficult to brand and explains why any tangibles that exist with the service become more important such as business cards or a website. According to Belser, when you are selling a service it is mostly an emotional decision that is based on whether someone is right for me and can provide me with the help that I need.


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Burkey Belser

Author, President & Creative Director at Greenfield/Belser, a Finn Partners Company

Burkey Belser is the author of 25 years of Legal Branding, and also president and creative director of Greenfield/Belser. Over the past 40 years, he has led teams that have won hundreds of awards in every major field of graphic design: identity, collateral, web, periodicals. Burkey has been inducted into the Washington Art Directors Club Hall of Fame and is a Hall of Fame member of the Legal Marketing Association. He is LMA’s only recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Tracey Fitzpatrick

Tracey Fitzpatrick

Sarder TV Anchor & Former Market News Video Anchor

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