What kinds of challenges are CLOs facing today?

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Emma Engel  (CLO, Unisys Corporation)

Emma Engel discusses some of the major challenges that CLOs are dealing with today. This includes the speed of change in the business world where according to Engel, the life cycle of software products has gone from twelve months to one month. She talks about how all leaders need to have a high skill level in change management while knowing how to provide a level of stability within the organization. Engel also points out that CLOs need to provide the right learning programs that meet the needs of the five different generations that are now in the workforce.


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Emma Engel

CLO, Unisys Corporation

Emma is passionate about enabling organizations to achieve growth by ensuring a ready source of highly skilled and engaged individuals and leaders. She has held key leadership roles in corporate L&D, consulting organizations, business focused and sales roles. Emma has been with Unisys 11 years and her current role as the Chief Learning officer requires her to set and execute the learning strategy across technical, business and personal development for all 22,000 associates and leaders.

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Phil Weinzimer

Phil Weinzimer

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