What kind of learning framework do you use at Unisys University?

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Emma Engel  (CLO, Unisys Corporation)

Emma Engel explains that she has implemented the Four E’s for Continuous Learning including: Education, Exposure, Experience, and Environment. According to Engel, as a CLO you have to ensure that your learners are getting the full experience including both knowledge and experiential learning. She explains that when the focus turned to online and virtual learning it became necessary to create certification tests that covered both types of learning to ensure that the employees really have the skills they need. Engel also points out one of the major benefits of digital learning. She talks about how her team now knows when people are having difficulty with learning programs and where changes need to be made without having to wait for feedback.


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Emma Engel

CLO, Unisys Corporation

Emma is passionate about enabling organizations to achieve growth by ensuring a ready source of highly skilled and engaged individuals and leaders. She has held key leadership roles in corporate L&D, consulting organizations, business focused and sales roles. Emma has been with Unisys 11 years and her current role as the Chief Learning officer requires her to set and execute the learning strategy across technical, business and personal development for all 22,000 associates and leaders.

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Phil Weinzimer

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