Can your book Powered by Storytelling improve anyone’s storytelling?

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Murray Nossel  (Author, Founder & Director, Narativ Inc)

Murray Nossel goes over some of the techniques covered in his book, Powered by Storytelling, that can help an individual to utilize storytelling as a powerful communication tool. This includes starting with answering the question, what story and why now, releasing any obstacles to listening, connect yourself to your heritage and your memories, craft your story thoroughly, find your ending, and connect with your audience.



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Murray Nossel

Author, Founder & Director, Narativ Inc

Murray Nossel, PhD, is the founder and director of Narativ, a firm with offices in New York and London that specializes in storytelling training for business. Murray helps clients, including Fortune 500 companies, universities, and nonprofits, create messages that genuinely represent who they are and what they do for onboarding, recruiting, employee engagement, leadership, as well as branding and external messaging. Nossel is also author of the book Powered by Storytelling.

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