What skills do leaders need to have to be successful with new technologies?

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Paul Daugherty  (Author & Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Accenture)

Paul Daugherty talks about the different capabilities that leaders need to have in today’s technological world. According to Daugherty, leaders need to embrace innovation and responsible AI and to constantly be reimagining the way that business is conducted.



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Paul Daugherty

Author & Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Accenture

Paul is the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Accenture and leads Accenture’s AI initiatives globally, as well as its Accenture Labs R&D facilities around the world. Media commentator; examples of coverage range from the Financial Times to Fast Company, Bloomberg, and CNBC. Co-author (with H. James Wilson) of Human + Machine and Reimagining Work in the Age of AI (Harvard Business Review Press, March 2018).

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Vaishali Jain

Vaishali Jain

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