What was the inspiration for your book Strategic IT: Best Practices for Managers and Executives?

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Arthur Langer (Professor, Columbia University)

Langer explains the impetus behind his book Strategic IT and how with the average CIO lasting only 39 months in their jobs, he wanted to present an understanding of how CIO’s can be successful if they are prepared to take on a strategic role in their organizations.


About Author

Arthur Langer

Author & Professor, Columbia University

Dr. Arthur M. Langer is the Associate Chair of Faculty Affairs, Support, and Development and Academic Director of the Executive Master of Science in Technology Management at Columbia University. He also serves on the faculty of the Department of Organization and Leadership at the Graduate School of Education (Teachers College).
Dr. Langer is the author of Strategic IT: Best Practices for Managers and Executives (2013, with Lyle Yorks), and also author of many other titles and numerous published articles relating to service learning for underserved populations, IT organizational integration, mentoring, and staff development.

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