What does Napoleon Hill want us to learn from adversity?


Jeffrey Gitomer (Best-Selling Author & Founding Partner at Outstand)

Jeffrey Gitomer explains Napoleon Hill’s belief that adversity and bad things that happen are really blessings in disguise. He talks about Hill’s philosophy that we can always learn from failure and there are ways to turn failure into success. Gitomer discusses why he believes his annotations and lesson plans that he has added to each of Hill’s chapters provide ways to put ideas into practice.



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Jeffrey Gitomer

Best-Selling Author & Founding Partner at Outstand

Jeffrey Gitomer is an best-selling author, professional speaker, and business trainer, who writes and lectures internationally on sales, customer loyalty, and personal development. Also known as "King of Sales", Jeffrey has been helping people succeed since 1988. He latest book is the Truthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon Hill.

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Kelsey Hubbard

Kelsey Hubbard


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