When should parents start saving for college?

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Brett Graff (The Home Economist & Author of Not Buying It)

Brett Graff makes it very clear that parents who haven’t made a plan for saving for college by the time they are on the way home from the hospital with their new baby need to get busy. She goes over the benefits of saving early on and why it is important not to saddle students with huge student loans that can affect their ability to progress with their lives after college.


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Brett Graff

The Home Economist & Author of Not Buying It

Brett Graff is a former US government economist and nationally syndicated news columnist – is a family finance expert who helps people maximize their money and their lives. Brett appears on major television networks across the country and is a regular guest on Washington DC’s two most popular morning shows. She also contributes to famous magazines and websites, and is the author of the book Not Buying It: Stop overspending and start raising happier, healthier more successful kids.

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Vanessa Tyler

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