How can we stop raising materialistic kids?

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Brett Graff (The Home Economist & Author of Not Buying It)

Brett Graff addresses the issue or materialism in the United States and points to research that states that buying things can be a coping strategy to deal with unmet emotional needs. According to Graff, the purchase of expensive goods can make people feel valuable on a temporary basis but many times will lead to feeling anxious, unhappy, and unsatisfied.


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Brett Graff

The Home Economist & Author of Not Buying It

Brett Graff is a former US government economist and nationally syndicated news columnist – is a family finance expert who helps people maximize their money and their lives. Brett appears on major television networks across the country and is a regular guest on Washington DC’s two most popular morning shows. She also contributes to famous magazines and websites, and is the author of the book Not Buying It: Stop overspending and start raising happier, healthier more successful kids.

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Vanessa Tyler

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