What have you learned from failure?

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Jeremy Goldman  (Author & CEO, Firebrand Group)

Jeremy Goldman talks about how he “practically majored in failure” at different points in his life. He discusses why he believes this new emphasis on embracing failure as a way to success is so important. He shares an example of a mistake he made with not being a big enough advocate for his team and what he has learned from the experience.


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Jeremy Goldman

Author & CEO, Firebrand Group

Jeremy Goldman is the founder and CEO of Firebrand Group, which counts Consumer Reports, L'Oréal, and Unilever among its clientele. He is the author of the award-winning 2012 book 'Going Social' and his latest book is 'Getting to Like', which teaches brands large and small how to use social media for business success.

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Kiran Chetry

Kiran Chetry

Sarder TV Anchor & Former CNN Anchor

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