Why is a Learning Culture Important?

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Michael Tull (Author & Adjunct Faculty, New York University)

In this video, Michael discusses how organizations must build a culture of learning to remain competitive. He talks about where learning falls in his Triangle Strategy and how there is a symbiotic relationship between the leaders and the performers when it comes to learning. Each relies on the other to keep learning as a way to develop innovation and grow a company.


About Author

Michael Tull

Author of "The Triangle Strategy" & Adjunct Faculty, New York University

Michael is the author of The Triangle Strategy and has over 25 years of national and international experience as a consultant, coach, manager and trainer. His consulting engagements span Fortune 500 companies in a broad range of industries, entrepreneurial businesses, and state & local government agencies. Michael is on the faculty of New York University, The School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Leadership and Human Capital Management Department, where he has developed and teaches two popular courses: Creating a High-Performance Workplace and Introduction to Organization Development.

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