What are some examples that demonstrate the importance of learning?

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Steve Heilenman (CIO, Computer Aid Inc.)

To insure the importance of continued learning in his organization, Heilenman talks about how participation in the Advanced Practices Council and the Regional Leadership Forum has allowed for a focus on innovation and provided mentoring opportunities for him and his staff.


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Steve Heilenman

CIO, Computer Aid Inc.

Steve Heilenman is the CIO of Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI), a global IT services and outsourcing firm that is currently managing active engagements with over 100 fortune 1000 companies and government agencies around the world. Steve has over 25 years of experience as an IT executive and has held previous positions with Ashton Technology Group, Vanguard Investment Company, Price Waterhouse, and EDS. Steve is on the Philadelphia SIM (Society of Information Management) board, a former President of Philadelphia SIM and a member of SIM’s Advanced Practices Council. He has presented at multiple CIO forums and has been on multiple CIO panels to discuss Leadership and Innovation.

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Phil Weinzimer

Phil Weinzimer

Author & President, Strategere Consulting

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