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Glenda Eoyang  (Author & Founding Director, HSD Institute)

Glenda Eoyang, Founding Director of the Human Systems Dynamics Institute, talks with Sarder TV correspondent, Vaishali Jain, about her book, Adaptive Actions, and the philosophy behind this approach to problem-solving. She explains why businesses need to acknowledge that with a global community that is massively interdependent it is not always possible to control or predict business challenges.


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Glenda Eoyang

Author & Founding Director, HSD Institute

Dr. Glenda Eoyang works with public and private organizations to help them thrive in the face of overwhelming complexity and uncertainty. She is a pioneer in the field of human systems dynamics (HSD), which she founded. Through HSD Institute, Glenda uses her models and methods to help others see patterns in the chaos that surrounds them, understand the patterns in simple and powerful ways, and take practical steps to shift chaos into order. Glenda’s latest book, with co-author Royce Holladay, is Adaptive Action: Leveraging Uncertainty in Your Organization.

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