As a futurist, where is the work world headed?

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Bill Jensen (Author of Future Strong)

Bill Jensen, futurist, owner of the Jensen Group, and author of Future Strong, talks with Sarder TV correspondent, Vanessa Tyler, about his vision for the future of the work world. He provides his view that the work world in the coming years will be vastly different from today’s based in part on the information overload and the shrinking attention span of humans.


About Author

Bill Jensen

Author of Future Strong

Bill Jensen is bestselling author of eight books — all about making it easier to do great work. Bill is an internationally-acclaimed thought leader who is known for extremely useful content and making it easier for everyone to work smarter, not harder. Future Strong is his eighth book. He is CEO of The Jensen Group, a change consulting firm he founded in 1985.

Interviewed By

Vanessa Tyler

Vanessa Tyler

Sarder TV Journalist, and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist & Anchor

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