Women in IT industry

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Laurie Carey (Executive Career Coach & CEO, We Connect the Dots)

Laurie Carey discusses how as a women involved in the field of technology she was often the only woman and this has led her to help create communities of women in IT so that they could learn from each other. She talks about how IT products are often built by men for men when 80% of decisions around technology purchases are made by women and the products often don’t meet their needs. To bring women into technology an effort needs to be made that lets women know that technology brings opportunity and skills that can change the world for the better and do the kinds of things that matter to women.


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Laurie Carey

Executive Career Coach & CEO, We Connect the Dots

Laurie is the CEO of We Connect the Dots, an organization with the mission to inspire and educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) careers. Laurie also serves as Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft Corporation. As strategist, Laurie helps system’s integrators build their business partnership with Microsoft and growing our customers profit through technology solutions that bring high business impact.

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