How can women empower themselves during this time of divisiveness & crisis?

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Alejandra Castillo  (CEO, YWCA-USA)

Alejandra Castillo talks about how now is a challenging time for women and communities. She recommends that women start with themselves by learning a new skill, get involved at town hall meetings, ask questions, and take steps to increase confidence. Castillo explains that it will take working together in the workplace and in communities to make needed changes.


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Alejandra Castillo


Alejandra Y. Castillo serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the YWCA-USA. As CEO, Alejandra leads the iconic 150 year old YWCA-USA's strategic mission to eliminate racism and empower women. YWCA-USA represents a national network of 215 YWCA associations delivering critically needed social and community programs.

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Tracey Fitzpatrick

Tracey Fitzpatrick

Sarder TV Anchor & Former Market News Video Anchor

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