Why should employees analyze their current job requirements versus the hiring job description?


Kelley Cornish  (Author and SVP, Head of US Diversity & Inclusion at TD Bank)


Kelley Cornish explains why employees should compare their actual job responsibilities with the hiring job description on a routine basis. According to Cornish, if you are doing significantly different or additional tasks or skills from the description it is time to have a discussion with your manager about a raise or an advancement in your career.


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kelley cornish

Author and SVP, Head of US Diversity & Inclusion at TD Bank

Kelley is a diversity and inclusion expert, talent leader, speaker and the author of “It’s Work! How Will You Show Up?” focusing on tips and practical principles to move you through your workforce seasons. She is SVP Head of US Diversity & Inclusion at TD Bank and also serves as a 2018 Expertise Panelist Member for Diversity & Inclusion for the national Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) organization.

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