Why is having the right skills so essential to entrepreneurial success?

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Derek Lidow  (Bestselling Author & Professor at Princeton University )

Derek Lidow talks about how he has made the importance of being prepared and having the right skills as an entrepreneur the focus of his book, Building on Bedrock. According to Lidow, it is important to figure out the kind of business you want to have including whether you are going to be a high-risk entrepreneur or achieve success as a bedrock entrepreneur.


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Derek Lidow

Bestselling Author & Professor at Princeton University

After having been the successful CEO of a major semiconductor company (International Rectifier), and started an important information company (iSuppli) from scratch, Derek Lidow is now a professor in entrepreneurship at Princeton University and a Bestselling author. His latest book is Building on Bedrock: What Sam Walton, Walt Disney, and other great self-made entrepreneurs can teach us about building valuable companies.

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Vanessa Tyler

Vanessa Tyler

Sarder TV Journalist, and Emmy Award-Winning Journalist & Anchor

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