What kinds of learning do you utilize in the American Learnership philosophy?

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Rudy Garrity  (Author of Your Integral Life Matters )

Dr. Rudy Garrity discusses some of what he refers to as foundational competencies that are utilized in his American Learnership philosophy. He talks about the importance of individuals being competent in five types of interdisciplinary types of reasoning including systems thinking, pattern recognition, situational learning, knowledge management and adaptive leadership. Dr. Garrity shares how his background in business management transformation, community work, and his degree in public administration provide him with a variety of different disciplines and understanding of a holistic way of thinking and improved learning methods.


About Author

Rudy Garrity

Author of Your Integral Life Matters

Rudolph (Rudy) Garrity is the author of Your Integral Life Matters. He has been a public and private sector product and service specialist, manager, executive, educator, coach, consultant and project manager in a wide variety of technical fields, educational roles and human capital activities in U.S. Defense and Intelligence organizations. His formal education (BS, MBA, MPA, DPA) and over 45 years of progressive leadership responsibilities has enabled him to transition into and lead nonprofit initiatives.

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