What is your perspective on story telling and the critical role of it?

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Qian Julie Wang (Best-Selling Author, Beautiful Country)

Qian Julie Wang, a Civil Rights Litigator & New York Times bestselling author and keynote speaker, talks about the importance of having all types of Asian American stories which will portray a diverse richness and cultural heritage. She further talks about the gap in the media about Asian American and immigrant stories and stresses the need for mainstream culture to embrace these stories.


About Author

Qian Julie Wang

Civil Rights Litigator & New York Times Best-Selling Author

Qian Julie author of Beautiful Country was born in Shijiazhuang, China. At age 7, she moved to Brooklyn, New York, with her parents. For five years thereafter, the three lived in the shadows of undocumented life in New York City. Qian Julie's first book is a poignant literary memoir that follows the family through those years, as they held onto hope and joy while confronting poverty, manual labor, and the perpetual threat of deportation.
A graduate of Yale Law School and Swarthmore College—where she juggled classes and extracurriculars with four part-time jobs—Qian Julie is now a litigator. She wrote Beautiful Country on her iPhone, during her subway commute to and from work at a national law firm, where she was elected to partnership within two years of joining the firm. She is now managing partner of Gottlieb & Wang LLP, a firm dedicated to advocating for education and civil rights.

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