What is your philosophy of good HR?

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Vincent Suppa (CEO of HR and Adjunct Professor, NYU)

According to Vincent Suppa, HR is good business and increases the value of the business for owners and shareholders. He discusses the changes coming in HR due to automation, and he compares the function of HR to the position of the “Minister Without Portfolio” that is held in Commonwealth countries.


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Vincent Suppa

CEO of HR and Adjunct Professor, NYU

Vincent Suppa is a Global HR Executive with business literacy in finance, strategy & technology transforming the HR profession one manager at a time. Operational experience in Hi-Tech, Telecom, Health Care, Non-Profit & Government sectors. Change Agent with track record of repositioning HR from cost to profit center. Efficiency expert, SPHR certified, graduate professor & former founding SHRM chapter President. Currently Vicent holds a President position at HR Avant-Garde and is an Adjunct Instructor in Human Resources Graduate Masters Business Degree program at NYU.

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