What is the process to identify & use intuitive intelligence?


Rick Snyder (Author and CEO, Invisible Edge™)

Rick Snyder goes over some of the processes his organization uses to help leaders understand and utilize their intuitive intelligence. This includes changing the mindset to be more receptive to intuition, slowing down and becoming aware, befriending inner critics, listening to inner cues, asking for guidance and taking action.


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Rick Snyder

Author and CEO, Invisible Edge™

Rick Snyder, an international business coach, writer, speaker, and consultant, has launched several businesses and is an expert in mentoring, training, and teaching others how to utilize the process of bringing intuition into an effective business plan and company culture. He is currently the CEO of Invisible Edge™ and the author of Decisive Intuition: Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions. His breakthrough strategies have been implemented by executives and businesses in Europe, Canada, Asia and America. He brings a global perspective to his teachings.

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Lyndsay Christian

Lyndsay Christian


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