What is the philosophy of “Yes and” & how has it helped you succeed?

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David Ahearn  (Author & Co-founder, Four Day Weekend)

David Ahearn explains his philosophy of “yes, and” which is based on improvisational techniques used in the theater and focus on the concepts of collaboration, adaptability, and co-creation. According to Ahearn, the philosophy starts with collaborating as a group on personal ideas that comes from listening to, respecting, and honoring individual ideas and suggestions. He shares his belief that human’s natural state is cooperation, not competition. Ahearn discusses how this type of cooperation is the underpinning of all successful improvisation.


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David Ahearn

Author & Co-founder, Four Day Weekend
David Ahearn is an entrepreneur in residence at TCU'S Neeley School of Business and has performed more than 5,000 live shows with Four Day Weekend. He travels the world performing both Four Day Weekend’s live shows, hosting events and keynoting for Fortune 500 companies. Ahearn and his Four Day Weekend colleague's new book, "Happy Accidents, the Transformative Power of Yes, And At Work and In Life", became a National Bestseller and the Four Day Weekend was recently named "Entrepreneurs in Residence" at TCU's Neely School of Business sharing their "Yes, And" philosophy and how it applies to business.

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Vaishali Jain

Vaishali Jain

Sarder TV Journalist, and Former Bloomberg TV Journalist

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