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Bertrand Moingeon (Author & Professor, HEC Paris)

Moingeon discusses the focus of Organizational Learning and Competitive Advantage, a compilation of writings from contributors in the field of management and learning. He talks about the need for companies to develop sustainable innovation and the ability to successfully integrate corporate strategy with organizational learning.


About Author

Bertrand Moingeon

Author & Professor, HEC Paris

Bertrand Moingeon holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and is a qualified Ph.D. supervisor. Re-elected four times running by his peers to manage HEC Executive Education for a total period of 16 years, he also served as Deputy Dean of HEC Paris. A member of GREGHEC-CNRS, a former visiting professor at Harvard Business School, he is the author of over eighty articles and has also published several books, notably: Organizational Learning and Competitive Advantage (with Amy Edmondson, Professor at Harvard Business School), and Corporate and Organizational Identities (with Guillaume Soenen).

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