The Secret To Growing A Multimillion Dollar Business

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Russell Sarder (Author, Entrepreneur & CEO of Learning)

Business magnate, author, and CEO Russell Sarder knows what it takes to grow a successful business. He’s spent the last 13 years doing just that with his IT and business training solutions company NetCom Learning. As CEO and chairman of NetCom Learning Sarder has taken the company to exciting new heights. Under his direction NetCom Learning has become a multimillion dollar company on track to realize both its expansion and revenue goals this year. In addition, NetCom Learning was recently named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the nation joining the ranks of such elite companies as Microsoft, Jamba Juice and In this video Sarder shares his secret to becoming a growth company. The strategy relies upon implementing six founding principles that can help any company become a growth company.


About Author

Russell Sarder

Author, Investor and CEO of Learning

Russell Sarder is an award-winning author, investor, and CEO of NetCom Learning and Sarder TV.

Sarder is the author of 'Building and Innovative Learning Organization', and 'Learning: Steps to Becoming a Passionate Lifelong Learner and Effective Learning Methods'.

Sarder is also a business practitioner and mentor for MBA students and alumni at Columbia University, named Executive of the Year 2012 by the American Business Awards, as well as one of the Top 10 Asian American Businessmen. He is the Chairman and CEO of Sarder Inc., a holding company that includes NetCom Learning, Sarder TV, Learning CMS, and other smaller companies.

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