How do you stay focused and productive while you are traveling all the time?

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Larry Quinlan (CIO, Deloitte)

Larry Quinlan talks about how he copes with traveling almost every day in his job. He discusses how both his team, and the use of current technology helps him stay focused and he also provides some personal techniques for living on the road.


About Author

Larry Quinlan

CIO, Deloitte

As Chief Information Officer of Deloitte, Larry is responsible for all facets of technology. Since joining Deloitte in 1988, he has served in a variety of leadership roles. He speaks frequently on the topics of leadership, IT transformation, mobility, and collaboration. Larry has been honored by institutions and publications including STEMconnector (100 Diverse Corporate Leaders in STEM), Nashville Business Journal (2014 CIO Award), American Foundation for the University of The West Indies (Vice Chancellor’s Award), CARAH (Outstanding Corporate Contribution to Corporate America), and CIO Magazine (2012 CIO 100 Award). Larry serves on the boards of NPower, Executive Leadership Foundation, and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NY).

Interviewed By

Brian Watson

Brian Watson

Sarder TV Journalist, and Former Editor in Chief of CIO Insight

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