Why should both small and large businesses be concerned about cyber security?

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Matti Kon (CEO, InfoTech Solutions for Business)

Matti Kon talks about the fact that too many companies of all sizes are not taking cyber security seriously. He discusses his fear that it will take a major cyberattack to wake up the business world and the government to the risks of cyber threats. According to Kon, today’s complex computer systems and networks with systems over systems contributes to the overall risk.


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Matti Kon

Cyber Security Expert, InfoTech Solutions for Business

Matti Kon is a business systems and cyber security expert with over 30 years of experience in developing and integrating computer systems for both corporate America and military complex. Kon is founder and CEO of InfoTech, a cybersecurity technology company in Manhattan, and also a regular contributor to public media including PIX 11, ABC News, Al Jazeera and many others.

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