How do you Manage Portfolio Companies?

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Mark Fasciano (CEO, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Canrock Ventures)

In this video Mark discusses how his company has both incubated companies that are co-located with his company and the “feeder companies” that they invest a little in and watch to see if they warrant additional investment. He likens the incubated companies to raising a child and getting the company to taking its first solo steps.


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Mark Fasciano

CEO, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Canrock Ventures

After his PhD from the University of Chicago's Artificial Intelligence Lab, Mark Fasciano decided to capitalize on the potential of the budding internet and launch his first business venture. He started FatWire Software with a graduate school friend, and it eventually grew to a $40 million business that got bought by Oracle. Inspired by FatWire's Mark has co-founded many other ventures. His latest venture, Clarapath, aims to automate and digitize the medical field of histopathology so that doctors can make critical diagnoses more accurately and efficiently.

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