Is liquidity more important than capital in a crisis?

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Henry Paulson (Former US Secretary of the Treasury & CEO, Goldman Sachs)

Liquidity according to Henry Paulson, is the amount of money you have on hand if you have no other access to money. He talks about how even bankers don’t understand true liquidity and that it cannot be based on market conditions. Using Bear Stearns as an example, he provides information on why liquidity becomes more important in a crisis.


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Henry Paulson

Former US Secretary of the Treasury & CEO, Goldman Sachs

Henry M. Paulson, Jr. is the Chairman of The Paulson Institute, a non-partisan “think and do” institution working to advance global environmental protection and sustainable economic growth in the United States and China, while promoting broader understanding between the two countries.

Previously, Paulson served as the 74th Secretary of the Treasury under President George W. Bush. Prior to that, he had a thirty-two year career at Goldman Sachs, serving as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer since 1999. Earlier in his career, Paulson was a member of the White House Domestic Council as well as a Staff Assistant at the Pentagon.

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