Learning: Steps To Becoming A Passionate Lifelong Learner

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Russell Sarder (Author, Entrepreneur & CEO of Learning)

Russell Sarder, an entrepreneur who founded a leading learning organization that has helped more than 54,000 professionals achieve their goals, has created this quote book. It is a brilliant resource that will help you discover what a lifelong passion for learning can do for your life and career.
This book covers eight specific steps that will teach you how to become a passionate lifelong learner.
Each step is addressed in Learning and reinforced by inspirational quotes from such prominent people as Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey. Each of them has understood the powerful impact of a healthy mental attitude toward learning and applying knowledge. This can make you the next person who inspires the world.


About Author

Russell Sarder

Author, Investor and CEO of Learning

Russell Sarder is an award-winning author, investor, and CEO of NetCom Learning and Sarder TV.

Sarder is the author of 'Building and Innovative Learning Organization', and 'Learning: Steps to Becoming a Passionate Lifelong Learner and Effective Learning Methods'.

Sarder is also a business practitioner and mentor for MBA students and alumni at Columbia University, named Executive of the Year 2012 by the American Business Awards, as well as one of the Top 10 Asian American Businessmen. He is the Chairman and CEO of Sarder Inc., a holding company that includes NetCom Learning, Sarder TV, Learning CMS, and other smaller companies.

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