What did you learn from Arnold Vanderberg?

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William Green (Author of The Great Minds of Investing)

William Green talks about the interviews he did with Arnold Vanderberg, a very successful money manager, whom he profiled in his book, Great Minds of Investing. Green tells the story of Vanderberg, who lived a horrific childhood during the Second World War and went on to become a major financial success.


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William Green

Author of "The Great Minds of Investing"

William Green wrote and edited “The Great Minds of Investing,” a book that features profiles of many of the most famous investors of our time. He co-authored two books and has written for publications such as Time, The New Yorker, Fortune, Forbes, The (London) Spectator, and The Economist. He’s interviewed presidents, prime ministers, the CEOs of some of the world’s largest companies, and countless billionaires. He’s also edited two international magazines.

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Jennifer Crumpton

Jennifer Crumpton

Sarder TV Anchor, Author & Media Professional

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