How Do Leaders Handle a Crisis?

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Bill Rosenthal (CEO, Communispond & Logical Operations, Former President)

Bill Rosenthal, CEO of Logical Operations speaks with Russell Sarder of NetCom Learning, about how a crisis tests true leadership skills. A person’s real ability to lead, should come through when things are going poorly, according to Rosenthal. He discusses that a true leader leads, by creating a knowledge based environment, where communication is key.


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Bill Rosenthal

CEO, Logical Operations & Communispond, Former President , Kaplan College

Bill Rosenthal is currently the CEO of both Communispond & Logical Operations. Communispond offers business communication skills to individuals and has assisted more than 600,000 clients including CEOs of companies, sales leaders, sports figures, politicians and television personalities. Logical Operations, which Bill co-founded, is a business training program that has been in existence for more than 30 years. Prior to that Bill was President of Kaplan College, the online college which he helped develop and launch.

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