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John Milazzo  (CIO, Kodak Alaris Inc.)

John Milazzo, CIO at Kodak-Alaris, talks with Sarder TV correspondent, Phil Weinzimer, about his career including a discussion of the different jobs he has held. He discusses how he started with Eastman Kodak in some traditional information technology jobs such as a programmer and a systems analyst. He goes over some of the other jobs he has held including working in purchasing, and in mergers and acquisitions.


About Author

John Milazzo

CIO, Kodak Alaris Inc.

John is the CIO for Kodak Alaris, a new company born in 2013 from one of the world's most iconic brands. Kodak Alaris is passionate about using technology to transform organizations and improve people's lives across the planet. John and his global team of approximately 100 IT employees and over 100 contractors were responsible for building a new computing environment for Kodak Alaris. He is also an adjunct professor at Monroe Community College where he has taught a variety of computer science courses since 1988.

Interviewed By

Phil Weinzimer

Phil Weinzimer

Author & President, Strategere Consulting

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