How can women maintain their identity in retirement?


Jessica Weaver (Author & Wealth Advisor at Raymond James)

Jessica Weaver discusses the challenges that women can face in retirement whether they are a career woman or a stay at home mother. She talks about the need for women to see themselves as more than their job or family so that they are retiring to something not just running away from a job.


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Jessica Weaver

Author & Wealth Advisor at Raymond James

Jessica Weaver, CFP®, CDFA™, CFS® is a Wealth Advisor, who focuses her work on women like you. Jess found herself on a mission to help more women gain control, clarity, and confidence over their finances and the next chapter of their life. Her focus is on women nearing retirement or in retirement to help guide them through their money concerns, questions, and emotions. Jessica is the author of Time to Refine: A Strong Woman's Guide to Retiring on Her Own Terms.

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Vanessa Tyler

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