How to Hire Right People?

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Russell Stevens (Social Marketing Expert and Partner, Saddle River Group)

In finding the right person for a job, Russell recommends looking beyond just a high end education and great credentials to see the strengths of the individual. Russell finds individuals that successfully “bootstrap themselves up” to be as strong an indicator of work success as an education at the right schools.


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Russell Stevens

Social Marketing Expert, Partner at Saddle River Group, Former Partner at SS+K

Currently Russell Stevens is a Partner with the Saddle River Group in Boston, which is a boutique investment and consulting company focused on providing corporate strategic planning, business development, capital growth and investment, and executive counsel to corporations. Previous to joining Saddle River, Russell was a Partner in SS+K, a privately held company in the marketing and advertising business. SS+K was the company that developed the Livestrong advertising campaign and developed much of Obama’s 2008 advertising strategies. Russell holds a Government from Dartmouth College, and a Masters in Press, Politics and Public Policy from Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government.

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