How do you encourage employees to use your interactive learning programs?

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Amy Loomis (Co-Founder & Program Director, IBM’s Think Academy & Digital Learning)

Amy Loomis talks about one way that her team is promoting the use of the Think Academy and other learning programs at IBM. She discusses the use of profiling individuals that have successfully completed learning programs in a way that highlights how the learning is helping them in their jobs. Loomis discusses this method as a way to obtain testimonials, provide positive reinforcement to learners and spread the message on a global scale.


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Amy Loomis

Co-Founder & Program Director, IBM's Think Academy & Digital Learning

Amy Loomis is the Co-Founder & Program Director of IBM's Think Academy & Digital Learning. She is a digital learning innovation leader specializing in marketing and communications, executive thought leadership and influencer engagement. Amy has deep experience creating and delivering programs that engage employees in achieving strategic business priorities.

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Vaishali Jain

Vaishali Jain

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