What is the most effective learning method?

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David Hershfield (Former SVP of Online Technology, Redcats)

People learn from each other according to David Hershfield. That is why he does not favor E-learning as an exclusive way to learn. He believes that what is needed is a blended approach that allows for several styles of learning.


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David Hershfield

Former SVP of Online Technology, Redcats

David Hershfield is a Global Business Executive with demonstrated ability to engage stakeholders across the value-chain in building customer-centric cultures that lead to improved performance, retention, cost reduction, and higher profit. Proven success in creating technology-based products and solutions that facilitate sustainable growth, propel multi-milllion dollar revenues and generate additional traction in international markets. David has held leader positions in many companies, including Redcats, Auctionata and PayPal. Currently is Managing Partner of Hershfield Consulting, an IT consulting firm with a network of 100+ global professionals, who can boost revenue and profit.

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