Does leadership change during crisis?

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Laurie Carey (Executive Career Coach & CEO, We Connect the Dots)

Laurie has advice for leaders who have to lead an organization through a crisis. She states during a crisis a leader’s personal style is going to come through and they need to be aware of that. She talks about how it is important for leaders to be particularly open and transparent during a crisis and to network and if needed to ask for advice from mentors. A crisis can bond people together or break them apart so it is essential to make the best decisions possible.


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Laurie Carey

Executive Career Coach & CEO, We Connect the Dots

Laurie is the CEO of We Connect the Dots, an organization with the mission to inspire and educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) careers. Laurie also serves as Partner Technology Strategist at Microsoft Corporation. As strategist, Laurie helps system’s integrators build their business partnership with Microsoft and growing our customers profit through technology solutions that bring high business impact.

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