What is the best way to develop new leaders?

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Ann Lim-Brand (Senior Director OD & Talent Management, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas)

Ann Lim-Brand talks about the different kinds of leadership training that takes place at Sumitomo due to the fact that it is a Japanese-based company with offices and subsidiaries around the world. She discusses the need to prepare leaders within the company to deal with diverse cultures and different styles around the globe. Lim-Brand points out some of the differences she has noticed after working at Sumitomo Corporation of Americas including that Japanese tend to pause and take their time in making decisions.


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Ann Lim-Brand

Senior Director OD & Talent Management, Sumitomo Corporation of Americas

Ann Lim-Brand is a very passionate OD professional with extensive global experience in the Fortune 500 environment and within diverse industries including: Toys "R" Us, Integra Life Services, AECOM, and BP. Her current role at Sumitomo Corporation of Americas includes oversight for performance management system, as well as the continued design of learning solutions, career development vehicles, training curriculums, succession planning, workforce analytics and planning, and leadership development.

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Tracey Fitzpatrick

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