How to Develop a Learning Plan?

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Heather Bennett (CEO & VP of Learning, ShoreTel)

Heather talks about how her company has instituted a program called Battle of the Bands which reminds people how to learn and gives employees confidence to try new things. The program provides free music lessons ½ hour a week for all employees. The program has helped people remember that learning takes time, practice and enthusiasm. This lesson is then applied to employee learning plans which are interactive and collaborative and take into consideration the type of learner the employee is.


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Heather Bennett

CLO, M5 Networks

Heather Bennett oversees the People department at ShoreTel’s Cloud Division. Believing that employee satisfaction is key in helping any organization reach its business objectives, the People team supports corporate learning, human resources, performance management, recruiting, employer branding and employee satisfaction. Previously, she was Vice President of Marketing for M5 Networks (now ShoreTel’s Cloud Division), President of a start-up consulting company, a NYC Teaching Fellow, and a sales executive in the IT industry.

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