What are the dangers of Big Data?

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Steve Lohr (Author & Reporter at New York Times)

Steve Lohr addresses the down side of Big Data including privacy issues, misinterpretation of data in medicine, financial services and crime prevention. He discusses that with new technology there are always two sides to its use.


About Author

Steve Lohr

Reporter, The New York Times

Steve Lohr is a senior writer and technology reporter for the New York Times. He reports on technology, business and economics and is a leading expert on the corporations that dominate computing today. He has written for magazines including The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic Monthly and The Washington Monthly. He is the author of "Data-ism: The Revolution Transforming Decision Making, Consumer Behavior, and Almost Everything Else", where he chronicles the rise of Big Data, addressing cutting-edge business strategies and examining the dark side of a data-driven world.

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Jennifer Crumpton

Jennifer Crumpton

Sarder TV Anchor, Author & Media Professional

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