Why did you create the Bacharach Leadership Group?

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Samuel Bacharach (Author & Professor, Cornell University)

With the Bacharach Leadership Group, Samuel bridges the academic world and the workplace, teaching behavioral leadership skills to potential leaders in relevant and meaningful ways.


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Samuel Bacharach

Author & Professor, Cornell University

Samuel Bacharach is the co-founder of the Bacharach Leadership Group (BLG). Located in Manhattan, BLG specializes in leadership training programs, teaching the skills of innovating, moving ideas, and driving change. BLG’s material has been used by Fortune 500 companies. He also writes a regular column for Inc.com, and with the cooperation of Inc.edu, BLG delivers programs for entrepreneurs. Bacharach is the author of many academic articles and books, including “Get Them on Your Side”, “Keep Them on Your Side”, and the recently published ‘The Agenda Mover – When Your Good Idea Is Not Enough”. He is also the McKelvey-Grant Professor at Cornell University.

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