Why do companies need to develop a new mindset to be successful with IoT?

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Maciej Kranz (Author & VP Corporate Strategic Innovation, Cisco)

Maciej Kranz provides his recommendations for implementing new product development strategies based on the use of IoT technology. He discusses why he believes companies should be in investing in people and capabilities to take advantage of this new way of doing business. Kranz talks about why companies need to get in a mindset where change is constant and organizations need to be agile and able to adjust to fluctuations in the marketplace.


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Maciej Kranz

Author & VP Corporate Strategic Innovation, Cisco

Maciej Kranz is a technology and business leader, he has earned a reputation for exceeding expected results through relentless execution. Maciej builds and leads exceptional teams to identify solutions that address complex global challenges while enabling Cisco to achieve a market leading position. Maciej is also the author of Building the Internet of Things (John Wiley & Sons, 2016).

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