What can we learn from A New Breed of Shark?

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Charlie Fusco (Author & CEO, Synergixx)

Charlie Fusco provides an overview of the kind of information that individuals can learn from reading her book, A New Breed of Shark. She goes over how the book is a personal review of the first fifteen years of her business including times of tremendous growth and almost reaching bankruptcy. Fusco discusses some of the key elements of the book including information on investments and capital funding, choosing a business partner, physical health issues, and how to present a professional view of your company.


About Author

Charlie Fusco

Author & CEO, Synergixx

Over the last 10 years, Charlie Fusco, CEO of Synergixx, has advised and helped nurture many businesses by playing the part of CMO and Creative Director. Using Synergixx as a ‘training ground” Charlie actively seeks to create new opportunities for youth and members of her community to get ahead financially and spark entrepreneurial drive. Job creation, internships, mentoring, and creating unique events as a commonplace of connection is integrated into her corporate culture. Charlie is also the author of "A New Breed of Shark", a business strategy and personal journey wrapped in hilarious honesty. It's a 100 percent uncensored confession of all the terrible mistakes that can be survived while trying to conquer the boardroom, control the family room, and master the bedroom all at the same time.

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Vanessa Tyler

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