Can you discuss your experience as a TED speaker?

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Nilofer Merchant (Author of The Power of Onlyness)

Nilofer Merchant talks about her experience as a TED speaker. She talks about how sites such as TED, a media organization dedicated to providing freely distributed talks online provided by influential and inspiring speakers can make a difference. Merchant discusses how her TED talk is now in the top 10% of all TED talks. She provides her belief that it is through movements like this that one small action can help spread ideas on a wide scale.


About Author

Nilofer Merchant

Author of The Power of Onlyness

Nilofer Merchant is one of the world’s top-ranked business thinkers. Nilofer has transformed our understanding of how ideas originate, spread and create impact through her books, and her accomplishments at Fortune 500 companies and startups. She has personally launched more than 100 products, netting $18 Billion in sales and has held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Autodesk. Nilofer speaks around the work around the topics of innovation, social change and leadership.

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Tracey Fitzpatrick

Tracey Fitzpatrick

Sarder TV Anchor & Former Market News Video Anchor

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