What should leaders be doing to build a true learning culture?

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Greisy Flores  (Global Manager of Technology Training, Nestlé)

Greisy Flores provides her view of how leaders can help build a learning culture within their organizations. According to Flores, this requires three elements: transparency, transforming, and investment. She explains that leaders need to have a long-term strategy for needed workforce skills and then they need to be honest with employees about the jobs that could disappear and how they can learn new skills to fill emerging needs. She talks about the need for leaders to be involved in on a daily basis in the transformation of the organization into a learning culture while making the financial investment both learning and development technology and professionals that will keep the company competitive.


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Greisy Flores

Global Manager of Technology Training, Nestlé

Greisy Flores is a dynamic and passionate Thought Leader in the area of Learning. With 22 years at Nestlé, Greisy has develop the professional knowledge needed for the role of Global Manager of Technology Training. She is responsible for the conceptualization, formation and execution of the Nestle Help and Embedded Learning Program.

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