Why do so many companies & individuals focus on short term thinking?


David McCourt (Author, Chairman & CEO at Granahan McCourt Capital)

David McCourt explains why he thinks individuals and organizations need to get past short term thinking when trying to solve problems. He talks about the hard and messy problems that currently affect the United States including how healthcare, housing, and education are becoming too expensive for many Americans.


About Author

David McCourt

Author, Chairman & CEO at Granahan McCourt Capital

David C. McCourt is the Chairman and CEO of Granahan McCourt Capital and has been one of the most prominent investors and entrepreneurs in the technology, media and telecommunications industries for the past 30 years. He has founded or bought 20 companies in nine countries and is widely recognized as a transformational force in the telecommunications space. Best Selling Author of Total Rethink - Why Entrepreneurs Should Act Like Revolutionaries.

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