Why did you write Connected Strategy?


Nicolaj Siggelkow (Author & Professor at The Wharton School)

Nicolaj Siggelkow shares his reasons for deciding to write his book, Connected Strategy: Building Continuous Customer Relationships for Competitive Advantage, along with his co-author, Christian Terwiesch. He talks about how his work with the Mack Institute for Innovation Management allowed him to witness business in action across a wide variety of industries. According to Siggelkow, he could see that companies were reshaping how they connected with their customers and that this was an area that needed to be studied. He provides examples of businesses that are connecting with their customers in new ways.


About Author

Nicolaj Siggelkow

Author & Professor at The Wharton School

Nicolaj Siggelkow is the David M. Knott Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He is a professor and the former Department Chair of Wharton’s Management Department, and a Co-Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management. Siggelkow has conducted strategy workshops with a large number of firms around the world, helping them to assess their own strategies and create new strategic initiatives. His current work an book named Connected Strategies, focus on how both incumbent firms and new start-ups create new business models using “connected strategies” that create much tighter connections between firms and customers.

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Lyndsay Christian

Lyndsay Christian


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